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ISUZU is a leading manufacturer of trucks and pickup trucks. ISUZU has produced a whole series of commercial vehicles which power the transportation industry around the globe.


Break away from the ordinary and discover how to experience life to the fullest. ISUZU D-MAX, the ultimate multi-purpose pick-up truck, will enhance your lifestyle in more ways than one. Much like a tri-athlete who can run, swim and bike, the ISUZU D-MAX will enable you to drive through tough roads, load a variety of cargo and tow heavy leisure equipments like speedboat and horse carriers. No matter what activity you have set your mind into, the ISUZU D-MAX will take it to the limit.

ISUZU: N-Series

Businesses that understand the importance of depnedable, cost-effective operaiton know they can rely on the legendary power and easy maintenance of Isuzu N Series light duty trucks. Combined with superb diesel engines, comfort and convenience, Isuzu N Series is the clear choice for demanding commercial applications with the Tested and Trusted value around the world.

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