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The FUSO Canter

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The transport solution you choose needs to be flexible, reliable and above all else, cost effective.

Enter the FUSO Canter commercial vehicle range. From the flexible and nimble 3.5t to the heavy duty 7.5t canter, we have a range of chassis, cabs and engines to suit every conceivable load type, each of which can be married to wide choice of body solutions specifically designed around your business requirements.

And as a Mitsubishi, you can be sure that it is one of the most reliable vehicles on the road. We back that up with a 3-year / 100,000km warranty (unlimited mileage for the first year) and service intervals of 40,000km.

2012 Truck of the Year.

The FUSO Canter is the 2012 Irish Truck of the Year, an award that the new Canter TF will be aiming to retain.


Following its extensive revision, the Fuso Canter is all set to enter into its next generation. FUSO is the first manufacturer to launch a dual clutch transmission for trucks onto the market, and together with extended service intervals, an increased payload and a chassis design featuring enhanced body mounting ability, the new Fuso Canter TF is now even more economical than ever. The 3.5 t variant features independent suspension on the front axle, and is also optionally available with the Electronic Stability Program. The driver’s cab, which has been redesigned both inside and out, now offers even greater operating comfort.

The Duonic six-speed dual clutch transmission is one of the Fuso Canter’s outstanding technical innovations. In addition to lower fuel consumption, the direct-shift transmission parts wear and the burden on the driver, and combines the benefits of an automatic transmission with the economy of a manual transmission.

The transmission is paired with the tried-and-tested four-cylinder turbo diesel engine. The robust 3L engine is available in three power output levels of 96 kW (130 hp), 110 kW (150 hp) and 129 kW (175 hp).

At the same time, the handling safety and comfort of the Fuso Canter have also been brought to new levels. The front axle on the 3.5 t variant now features independent suspension, and all Canter models have an electronic braking system.

The new Canter TF will also see the payload of the range increase between 85 and 500 kg depending on the model. And a new addition to the range is an extra-long wheelbase of 4750 mm for bodies up to 7000 mm in length. Furthermore, the engineers have enhanced the body mounting ability of the Canter design thanks to new mounts, additional power take-off units and a uniform hole pattern on the frame.

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